Saturday, March 7, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 9 - High Five For the Birds

Well this past weeks challenge was Using at Least Five Layers (check)and the Journal Prompt Give Me High Five (mmmmmm not so much lol).
Are you like me? I have an idea bubbling (sometimes multiple) and it never ends up the way I started! I do know that I wanted to create layers using tags and I landed on a bird theme. I started with creating the tags.
This is such an easy thing to do - I think I found the original instructions on the Michaels website. Just crunch up your paper...
Smudge ink all over it - I use the Distressed Ink walnut all the time - just like the colour - and then spritz with water. 
I never stop at the first layer - I actually repeated the process 3 times to get it to the colour I wanted. Then I added layers of cyan ink, light magenta acrylic paint and stamping with black ink  (you might be able to see the music notes...). I then ironed to flatten out...
Once that was done I started building layers for the background. Paper, acrylic paint (used one of my new Master of the Arts tools from Walmart for the green streaks which I love), stencils and stamps using the walnut ink...spritz some orange acrylic paint to make it pop...

This could have been the "cover the good stuff" challenge - 
I quite liked it as is...
Dipped into my vintage papers for the birds and the old Arm and Hammer Beautiful Flowers cards - they actually came all cut up but I think they work - found over at Gathering Dust...
I also used the music stamp for the border...
Wish the colours were more true in the photo - but this will do (I am filling my Cloud with bad pics LOL - need to go clean out)...Looking forward to March's new theme and challenges. Enjoy! Jewels


  1. Wow Jewels this is all totally fantabulistic!! LOVE it!! :D

  2. Well these pages are just so beautiful. I love all the different layers and the bird theme.

    Ok, so what is this Walmart Master of the Arts tool? Have I missed you talking about it in a previous post? I will have a scroll through...


  3. Cool spread, love the flowers and birds theme. I rarely start out with something that specific in mind and I think it shows. Must try the planned out approach next time.
    The tags in the first photo are beautiful. That technique is something else I need to try. Thanks for filling up my weekend plans, Jewels!

  4. Julie those are just so very pretty. Great job.

  5. wELL, i REALLY LIKE ALL THESE MESSY, PAINTY, PAPERY LAYERS jEWELS!! ooOps! I guess I wanted to shout to you how much I liked them, LOL!! I give up, what is the Walmart master of the arts tool? Something secret?? simple? stunning?? Great job, I love the many layers & colors! xo