Tuesday, March 5, 2013

(Mild) Rant and Preview

Some time last year I agreed to deliver a topic for program at one of our Quilting Guild meetings. March 2013 seemed way far off in the future at the time ....and here it is 1 week away from the big day, yikes! My rant is not about giving a talk on "Surface Treatments" - its about my own personal artistic process. I'm an over achiever and a perfectionist - two characteristics that do me well in my job but are totally horrendous when I am trying to be spontaneous. I fret about how "good" a piece is and am never sure when something is "done". Drives me nuts. Of course if I could just quit my day job and do art all day and night maybe there would be less insanity - but some how I don't think it would make much difference. Of all the things I do in a given week I am amazed I can squeeze my art time in (but I absolutely do!).
So rant over, here is a small preview of one of the techniques I will be explaining. I love making fabric paper - you can read earlier posts here and here
For this batch I used pages from an old gardening book and spring colours (because I am absolutely fed up with snow, snow and cold temps LOL). I made two birds (one for a draw I will have the night of my presentation - so be there if you are local : > ) that can be used as a gift tag or an ornament. Mine will hang on one of my vintage framed pictures. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy what I share - lets just say there won't be much about quilting! Enjoy. Jewels. 


  1. Ah, well do I remember volunteering at my quilt guild. To the extent that I was President 3 different years, VP two years, show chairman 3 years. I think that's it. Learn to say NO, Jewels lol. Love the birds and really have to try that fabric paper some day.

  2. Looking forward to your presentation. I will be there. lol

  3. Julie, I am so looking forward to next Tuesday night at guild! How I hope my "luck" holds out and that I win that gorgeous little bird. Everyone will love your prsentation! Your work is wonderful. Carol

  4. You're very brave to agree to do a presentation! Your little birdies are super cute. The fabric paper looks fab and I'm loving those Spring-y colours too. We've got more snow forecast for next week, nooooooooooooooooo!!!


  5. Your birds are beautiful, Jewels! I love how you did the edges! Good luck with your presentation!

  6. Your fabric paper birdies are ever so cute Jewels...enjoy your presentation :) x

  7. Love these birds Jewels, I have a book on making paper fabric, must get experimenting as you are a tadge too far to come to your class! Good luck, I know it will be great! X

    1. Thanks so much Everyone! It turned out to be a great time ...J