Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fabric Acrylic Paint Transfer

Now that my Guild presentation is over I can take a deep breathe and get back into my regular groove.... long enough to get ready for vacation time. I am heading to my cottage for the first time since last September in a week. I expect there will be lots of snow still but that's okay - should be very quiet and peaceful this time of year
Here is another technique I shared. I have done this before but on paper with good results - you can see here and here. This time I wanted to try it on fabric - only difference was that I stabilized the piece of muslin on freezer paper and I tried two different colours - white on the fabric and lavender on the image. I used a piece of muslin and an illustration from a very old book. 
It transferred well - the muslin was stiff from the paint so really could only be used for an art piece. 
I looked around in my stash for some old lace and linen. 
And I made a "flower" with an old crochet piece.  Ribbon, buttons and an old brooch for embellishments. Enjoy! Jewels


  1. Jewels, this is great! Do you mean that you used the old image as is or did you copy it and then transfer it? Love what you did with all your lace!

    1. Susan yes I used an original - from the book The Popular Art Instructor 1887 - picked up from a second hand bookstore going out of business for $1 (yes can you believe it). In rough shape so had no problems using it - I find older books and magazine images seem to work better :)

  2. Wow, that looks fab, Jewels! I haven't transferred an image onto fabric before, I think I'll be giving it a go!


  3. I have still not tried an acrylic paint transfer, it looks like it works really well. Great job! I bet your guild members were impressed!

  4. Beautiful piece, great to now that technique works well on fabric too! I have used it on paper (thanks to you) several times now. Such fun :)
    How did your Guild presentation go? :0) Mo x

  5. You want to measure this accurately so use a kitchen or postage scale if possible, acrylic lace pool deck