Friday, March 8, 2013

Interesting Dude Mail Art

I am fortunate to be able to exchange mail art with many friends. Unfortunately I have fallen a bit behind on my Zentangles (sorry Beth and Leslie). I'm pretty sure once I get past my "big" presentation next Tuesday I will get back in the swing of things. I did manage to get my Mail Art for Jo out the door recently and this is what we did.
I happen to have two copies of this picture of an interesting dude (that's what I call him). What do you suppose this picture was for? Well I sent one to Jo and said "lets see what we both come up with"...
Jo did a wonderful, colourful piece - I knew I was in for a treat when the envelope arrived!
How cool is this - Jo does such a wonderful job with layering - go over to her post to read about her creative process : >
I went in a totally different direction. The first thing I thought of was Trains! I think he looks like some kind of  conductor. I kept to all original materials including the pages from dictionaries showing train signals and old train descriptions. The railway map in the background is from an old atlas. I did apply some gesso, inks and acrylic paint and, see on the edge, my experimentation with squiggly lines LOL...
I found this wonderful train picture on Graphic Fairy which I thought was perfect for the envelope front. 
The back uses more maps and the other half of the picture. I also did some stenciling - I got hooked by a FREE class you can find here called Use Your Words (thanks Jo for pointing it out!).  Lenna will be joining us which makes my SECOND team of three for exchanges - and I certainly don't mind 'cause I love art in the mail! Enjoy. Jewels (p.s. for those of you sending mail international from the States - there is now a "Forever" stamp for that....


  1. Love your take on the picture - he does look like a railroader! Very cool mail art, Julie! The envelope is very clever, too. So looking forward to your presentation Tuesday night. I just put up a post on Pass the Tiara! Have been so lax on that. See you at the meeting, my friend. Carol

  2. I want in on the mail art exchange! :)

  3. I love what you both did with that photo! Very fun mail art!

  4. Same image, VERY different interpretation! How did I not see that he was wearing a railroad uniform?! Brilliant swap Jewels; great fun, as always.


  5. I love all of your work! The gent at the top of this post looks almost exactly my great uncle Claude who was a streetcar driver in Kansas City 100 years ago. He had the same cap and slicked back hair parted down the middle.