Friday, January 29, 2016

Something Different Mail Art

The Three Amigos have been at it again - our latest swap was "Something Different" - the challenge was to use a substrate you have never used before for the base of your postcard. Well the gals were very ingenious - and none of them were alike!
The first to arrive at Maple Hill was Lenna's wonderful Yupo paper - never heard of it before! 100% polpropolene which gives a wonderful effect. This pic does not really do the rich, shiny colours justice - love it L!!!!!!
Jo's took a little longer to arrive - her's was a cool effect on acetate - you can read all about her process on her blog here. Awesome!
So... me being a librarian, I had to Google "postcard substrate". I actually had quite a few hits (and choices) but decided to go with this technique of using a pile of sewn together magazine pages.
Tear 10 pages out of magazines, apply a little glue to keep them together while running through the sewing machine...
...I did a stippling effect to freestyle around the surface (my poor old machine really get's put through its paces...).
The original article painted the surface but I loved the graphics so much I decided to let them show through and did a little painting here and there. Love the succulents in the shoes - making me thing of Spring (and a fitting postal stamp as well). 

It was delivered to Jo with my 70's gal in green - I really enjoy arting up the envelopes as much as making the main piece. I always think how fun it will be for the person on the recieving end!
The flowers and china really appealed to me for Lenna's card - and "joyful friend" describes exactly what she is (hugs my friend). Another old stamp from my stash....
and fun envelope!
So - Found Poetry is up next - stay tuned. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Love, Love, Love! I have never heard of your idea before Jewels and think I might try it out myself! Really great swap. A little challenging at first, but in the end such fun! I love what you made for me, a joy to receive. xo

  2. This was a brilliant swap, thank you so much for your lovely padded postcard :)