Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer of Colour - Lavender, Grey and Plum

Lovin my Boys of Summer theme for this years Summer of Colour with the lovely "hostess with mostest" Kristin!

Introducing Ken (to the left) and Arnold. They are “professional” (according to Ken) door to door salesmen. “Little ladies of the house love us, heh heh”, chuckles Arnold.
Company policy dictates they wear suits regardless of the temperature. Here they are taking a break - looking quite cool and collected I must say given they are lugging vacuum cleaners around the ‘hood LOL.
Neither of them knows the other has applied for the same desk job that just got posted in the home office – after all there is only so much “fresh air” (and bad Arnold jokes) a guy can take. 
My camera did not take the colours "exactly" - oh well. Another acrylic paint endeavor...ran a plastic comb through the gesso background for the texture. 
Decided to use some new stamps too - check them out! Enjoy. 
P.S. you may remember this from last year...
grAy is how it's spelled in America 
grEy is how it's spelled in England


  1. I love the new, creative techniques that you used here! WOW! This is amazing. The photo is a real treasure, and you created a beautiful piece using this week's SOC colors!

  2. Your humor always shines through your creations, Jewels! I love this one - makes me giggle.

  3. FABULOUS!! Hope you don't forget and use that comb before you go to work tomorrow LOL! Super stamps you've got there, Jewels.


  4. I LOVE this! I got a great giggle out of it. And those stamps are fantastic. :)

  5. I love the humour you always inject into your art and this is a fab piece. Those stamps look fabulous, not perfect or precise. Just drawn. Awesome. I like the idea of using a comb for texture. I must have one around here somewhere I'm sure :o)
    Thank you for your comment on my post :D x

  6. Your summer postcard series are always fun and I especially like that it's guys, since most everyone uses ladies in everything.

  7. Wonderful piece and love the back story! Great use of this week's colours, and great idea to use your vintage photo as your grey piece! I like your cute little stamp set - I almost bought that one a while back but gave myself the "you have enough stamps to open your own store" chat and passed. See now I'm regretting it! Must silence that inner "sensible" voice that so rarely comes out - LOL

  8. I love the story you made around your piece, made me chuckle!

  9. LOVE ❤ I have that same set of stamps!! My son & daughter in law gifted it to me one year along with the SEA set as well :) Fun to work with!