Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer of Colour - Coral, Teal and Bright White

Well I am behind a week as I was away on vacation - but I was certainly thinking about Summer of Colour! Week Two's colours are a little more "manly" to work with so here we go with my next Boys of Summer...

Ah there is nothing like Summer Camp - the stylish socks and shorts...
No parents, hanging out with your new best friends, avoiding any kind of personal hygiene...
Except for Eugene who seems a little out of place - did his parents not get the "what to pack" list? 
He has been writing letters (some of you of a certain age should get this song LOL) letting them know what he really thinks about camp...
Hopefully the other boys are including him in their shenanigans - brown as can be from the sun and getting ready to play ball…

I used gesso to texture the background and then used acrylic paints. The bottom of a flip flop provided the white texture. A white Signo pen for the arrows...and got VERY lucky with the matching Canadian stamps from my stash...on to Week Three. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Ha - I know that song! I only went to summer camp a couple times but loved every minute. My mom was the horseback riding instructor but I didn't see her much, just ran wild in the woods and lake.
    Very cool card, as usual. Great pic and neat texture.

  2. omg Jewels I LOVE this one!!! XOXO Love Fran.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS, JEWELS! Everything about it is super cool (including using the flip flop for texture). And yes, I remember the song!


  4. This is fab! I'm not sure how I missed it last week but so glad I got to see it. Great use of the postage stamps too!