Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Mail Art and ATC Monthly Invite

Whew - talk about just making it - can you believe it is the end of the merry month of May? First up - my contribution to my Mail Art swap with Leslie and Beth. This month's theme was Architecture.
Trying to stay true to our "do something different" challenge - I wanted to create a marbleized effect for my background and was not sure where to start. So goggled and came up with this easy tutorial. Shaving Cream and acrylic paint - who knew! LOL Leslie shared with me she had used a similar technique on fabric instead of paper...hmmm the mind boggles with possibilities...
I also used some punchinella I bought recently from Gauge Alchemy - go check them out they have some great stuff.
The graphics are from an old dictionary. The Mod Podge I used actually had glitter in it so gave my card a little bling to go with the metallic acrylic paints I used (sorry the pics don't show all the sparklies well). I'll share what L and B sent shortly - next month's theme is "Deep in the Forest" - all kinds of things come to mind for that one!
I also just finished my contribution for this month's Monthly ATC Invite over at Bad Penny's blog. Still managing to stick with my Garden Calendar theme though I played a bit with the text this month. 


  1. I love all your art, Jewels! The shaving cream and paint/dye I have done before, isn't it great? I love the smell of the shaving cream!! Your envelope looks so arty -it reminds me of the background for the famous "scream" painting. ; ) this all looks good to me!

  2. very cool Julie, I used to do shaving cream painting with the kids in my classroom. It is neat to put dish soap in acrylic paint and blow bubbles with a bubble pipe from the dollar store. I think we may have thinned it a bit with water. When you get lots of bubbles you just lay your card stock weight paper gently on top of the bubbles and they pop and make the coolest patterns on the paper. Just let it dry and presto, hand dyed paper. Try it, its fun to do.

  3. That's a really neat background on your architecture piece! I've never tried that but it looks like fun. Your May ATC is so pretty!