Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Sewing

This weeks Tag Tuesday theme is Sewing - I'm calling my piece Mother and Daughter...
I'm grateful my Mum never made me wear matching outfits with her (at least not that I am aware of and I have found no old family photos to suggest otherwise LOL).
I have a stash of Aunt Martha's embroidery patterns - I used one of the envelopes for the background.
M&D are from a 1940's Montgomery Ward catalogue  - tip - when the paper feels like it might easily tear, spray with Matte Finish to prevent ink smears then Mod Podge it before cutting - helps give some stability.... Enjoy! Jewels 


  1. It's kinda creepy actually - like the mini-me craze got started way earlier than we realized. I kinda like the dress but attaching all that trim was a pain I bet. Great tag, Jewels.

  2. Beautiful tag - love the fabric swatches!

  3. Adorable tag!! Thanks for the tip about using Mod Podge before you cut. Great idea!

  4. I like your tag! Thanks for the tip too! Just finally posted my "Celebrate Spring" ATCs - was so happy to receive your beauty!

  5. Oh no, Julie, I had matching Christmas sweaters for Elle and I when she was very young. I hope I didn't leave permanent scares on her. lol I thought they were cute!!! Great post.

  6. Love the tag! And gthanks for the tip about how to handle fragile paper! My mom bought my five girls matching dresses for Christmas and Easter. They did not seem to mind it then...but now looking at photos, always seems to get a good laugh!