Sunday, April 29, 2012

When Mail Art Friends Meet

I've been fortunate to make new friends through blogs, swaps, flickr and emails. Most times there is a photo posted somewhere so I know what my new acquaintances look like...but I often wonder what their voices sound like (I saw a video Lenna narrated so that mystery was solved LOL). When I found out my Mail Art friend Beth was coming to town (to take in my Guild's Annual Quilt Show even) I jumped at the chance to meet her and her sister Joyce. We had a great time gabbing about artsy things at the show and going for a nice lunch...
Leslie! Here's proof we got together - Beth on left and me on the right - fun....
The Quilt Show was awesome to - though my photos hardly do it justice. 
We had close to 600 people attend over the weekend - a record for us.
And our popular bazaar table almost emptied out again (we shake our heads every year when we see this happen).
Just a sampling
For you to enjoy...
This was one of my favorites - a King size bedspread made for a son and daughter in law (I believe the DIL is a biologist and the son a surfer).
I shouldn't be surprised at the quality of the entries every year - all of my friends in the Guild are wonderful quilters. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. How wonderful to meet up with Beth- I LOVE meeting up with bloggers when I'm able to (I've met up with 4).

    Those quilts are amazing, all of them (although I do particularly love the one with the turtles).


  2. I had forgotten you were going to meet your friend! So glad you had a good time. You have some good pictures, also - it was a nice show. Hope your little Miss Gwen is feeling better!

  3. oh what fun! That has always been some of the best times for me, when I got to meet up in person with a friend I met on-line. And now you know what Beth's voice sounds like! tee hee, you are so funny jewels . . . I remember now you commenting about getting to hear my voice on that video!
    Thinking of your pup and hope she is feeling better. Love to you!

  4. Excellent read, I just passed this into a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that.