Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shakespeare Mail Art

I'm sitting here typing and watching Jeopardy and guess what the topic is for the final clue - Shakespeare's Plays (name the 2 plays whose title repeats a word - answer below). How funny! My friend Fiddlesnips Jo and I exchange Mail Art from time to time and we just completed a swap on the theme of Shakespeare!
I came back from vacation and Jo's was in the stack of mail that had been held for us. I would have been happy with the envelope on its own - its just lovely.
But her postcard was exceptional as well - wonderful treatment of Hamlet. She writes about how she made it on her blog here.
I also had fun with this theme - here is my envelope front (with the play give away)...
...and back.
I wanted to use a quote from Julius Ceasar and some how fit in a retro image - so this is my "contemporary" Goddess stating "It was all Greek to me !"). I think I was influenced by the current Euro crisis. Paper collage enhanced with inks and colour markers (for that Mediterranean feel).

Enjoy, Jewels.

(Answer: Measure for Measure, Alls Well that Ends Well)

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  1. Both your art and Jo's is all so excellent! I could eat it right up, just my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing it all, jewels!