Thursday, April 19, 2012

Give Away and Mail Art

First - check out my pal Beth's give away! She is one of my Mail Art peeps and I am happy to do a little advertising for her (at the risk of lucking out myself, LOL). For March (yeah I'm just getting around to posting - blame it on a little postal hiccup (my bad) that Leslie and I had...) our theme was the Ocean - as usual whatever you wanted to do. Of course being three creative spirits (if I do say so myself) we each came up with something different.
I was not sure when I received Beth's if I could actually open or not - the mail truly was the art! You can't really tell from the picture but the top layer has a clear "peep hole" to Mr Octopus in the background - wonderful.
Leslie said she was in a "fantasy mood" when she made hers. Quote " I made zetti-ish fish rooster creatures" LOL. Very fun.
I was a little more dramatic. The whole time I was thinking about this theme I kept hearing the lyrics for the old ELO (Electric Light Orchestra for the uneducated) song Can't Get it Out of My Head. So that's what I played with - and kept to our agreement to try something new (I've not done much with white ink pens and a little sewing as well). So there you have it - April is "You Oughta Be In Pictures". I've already recieved Beth's and it is a hoot - but that can wait till next time. Enjoy! Jewels

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