Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paparazzi - They Know Where You Live

April Mail Art theme was "You Oughta be in Pictures". Several ideas went through my head until I found a collection of vintage Hollywood postcards over at Elizabeth's blog (check out her "sale" this weekend!).
What fun!
Buried in my pile of old magazines (not the ones I got recently) I found an old British movie magazine called Picture Show.
Appropriate text I could use...
And then in an old 1940's Montgomery Ward catalogue (also from Elizabeth) were great ads for cameras..
..I can just imagine that big flash as Errol or Hedy walked out their respective front doors (LOL). Will post Beth and Leslie's art soon - next month Architecture ( I plan to do something "out of the box for me"). Enjoy. Jewels (p.s. I HATE BLOGGER - somehow my settings got screwed up - any suggestions ???)


  1. OMG! Those are FAB-ulous!~~~XXOO, Beth

  2. Wow, don't you just LOVE those colours on the postcards? They liked their colours to 'pop' didn't they?! Brilliant Mail Art with REAL stitching!!

    I haven't had any Blogger problems so don't think I can assist..............


  3. Those are wonderful, Julie! It is such fun to see the great pieces you are coming up with and to feel your enthusiasm and enjoyment in creating them. I love your work!

  4. what wonderful envelopes Jewels, they are so striking! I really, really like what you did. As far as blogger, my settings have not changed recently . .. I know Frieda was having some trouble too. I use blogger in draft though (I think I still do) so I have probably been using the new things you were introduced to lately for a while . . email me if there is something you can't figure out & I will try to help! Thinking of Gwendoline, please let me know how she is.