Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tag Tuesday and Other Stuff

Hello everyone - I have so much posting to catch up with. I actually made a list of all the "stories" I have to share with you! But first things first - its time for Tag Tuesday again and this week's theme is Spring Cleaning.
I decided to do a little "tongue in cheek" with this ad that I found.
The "snooty friends" are making comments...
And you can fill in the blank as to her response ("Eat my knickers Mary Gibson" or maybe "None of your Bees Wax - now Scram!" - you get the idea LOL)
And while I'm posting thought I'd share 2 more acrylic paint transfers I did while on vacation.
Both were black and white photos from a Toni hair product ad. I have to say I have had mixed luck with this technique. Your paint can't be too dry when you put both pieces together. The ink from your image needs to be "right" for the transfer. AND you absolutely have to be patient with the drying process. I left these for 3 hours - in direct sunlight on a windowsill - so they had a good opportunity to "stick".
Finally, this was a quicky I threw together quite accidently - all the pieces were left overs from other projects that just seemed to match! Enjoy. Jewels (its good to be back )


  1. It's good to have you back too, Jewels! Love your tag, great fun and with the Jewels 'look' too. Great. I LOVE transfers and yours look super.The models always looked like they were thinking clever things (about vol-au-vents or dry martinis) and were terribly coquettish too! Very Stepford Wives. Maybe it's a look I should work on! Sweet Friend ATC, the dog is very cute and I really like the muted colours and how you picked out the yellow of the ric-rac and bowl.

    Has Will turned up yet.........?!


  2. Wahoo, back home. Hope your vacation was restful. Glad you had some artsy time. Love your tag. Hmmm, transfers. Looks like you are getting good at them. And doggy...very cute. Your due to visit the thrift store again. You have my permission. Enjoy.

  3. These are all great! I love the image on the tag and the transfers are so pretty. I have to try that again! The dog on the Friends card is so adorable!

  4. Neat cards, Julie! Especially love the little doggie one. I enjoyed trying to transfer pictures and really just did it with textile medium - as I remember. So many fun things to work with! Carol

  5. I love all of these, the themes are great. I've never tried that transferring pictures.