Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh the Possibilities!

My thrifting has been very sporadic lately – in fact I’ve curtailed it quite a bit (very easy to become overwhelmed and I NEVER want to be on one of those Hoarder reality shows – too scary! I can just hear my niece and nephews talking about their crazy old auntie buried in junk).
Besides, I have a pretty good stash I need to work with.
Even if it is a little disorganized.
These days when I “create” I try very had not to go out and pick up something “new” (except for required base supplies).
Instead, I dig and usually can find that “just right” piece (but not because I have a great memory for where things are – I really do need to go digging).
So when I DO find something that really speaks to me (hubby does not buy that rationale) and that price is right (Free is best) I feel obligated to rescue it.
This quilt top is a good example. A woman had brought it in to a local thrift store and said it was made by her mother – but none of the grandchildren wanted it (can you imagine).
Unfortunately, by the smell (soapy) and condition it is obvious someone “washed” it (ARGHHHH) – which has caused the rather thin muslin that makes up the sashing to fall apart.
And the stars are very wrinkled up in the back - some careful "blocking" is required to regain their intended shape.
But everything is hand sewn. And since I knew I would not be able to “recover” the destroyed parts I have been carefully removing the LeMoyne Star blocks.
They are so sweet! I think the material is probably 30’s 40’s (what do you think). I’ll have to take to our next Guild meeting for some expert opinions.
And oh the possibilities! There are over 50 blocks around 5 ½ inches square.
A couple are stained but I am not willing to “wash” again.
I think they could be used for all sorts of things – in a collage, a fabric “page” in an altered book, a small quilt wall hanging …
What do you think – any and all ideas welcome! I'm just happy I was in the right place at the right time to save these little gems....Enjoy Jewels.


  1. I am thinking and there is no doubt that this is a wonderful find!!!!

  2. I agree they are wonderful little gems, jewels -get it?? tee hee. Truly, they are delightful. I do think you could add one to the altered book you are beginning. That is a great idea! Play around with how you might do that -add it directly to the page? on top of another piece of inserted fabric?? hmmmmmm.

    But there are so many of them I'd also be inclined to create a fabric collage with one of those as a central piece . . . maybe add a little embroidery? Or, you could make a number of them into little banner flags to hang in your guest room or on the porch, like pennant flags on a ribbon???
    I look forward to seeing what cool ideas you come up with! miss lenna

  3. How wonderful! This is the kind of treasure that ends up in the bin unless spotted by someone like you (and me!).

    I haven't a clue what you could do with all those stars but knowing you, whatever you do will be gorgeous.

    Love peeking in your drawers (so to speak) and looking at all your treasures in there.


  4. That's a beauty! I agree with you on the age of that fabric. Are you up for making it back into a quilt? (Even a smallish quilt so you could use some stars in projects?) I've been tending to think big instead of small lately!

  5. You have amassed a wonderful stash of good stuff for your art. And the old quilt - it's so good that you found it and brought it home to your house. You could make a table runner or cover out of some of the blocks and still have some left over for other projects. Also a wallhanging would be lovely. Muslin would probably go great with them. Think of all the old quilts and quilttops that have been used up. Nice to save some of them.