Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Once....

...were two ladies who lived on opposite sides of the country. They did not know each other but by chance their paths crossed because of a common interest. Through blogs, emails, sharing of photos etc they grew to know more about each other (for example, both have linkage back to CANADA (and you KNOW how I feel about that LOL)).
One day they decided to try something - just for the two of them. No pressure, no deadlines - simply create and share. So they settled on a funny print (I still don't know how she actually gets sewing done) and agreed that would be their starting point.
The first package "received" included a lovely wrapped gift that reflected the bird theme AND a gorgeous tag (ooooh - this will hang with the rest of my tags in my "studio")...

Inside was a very cute pillow made with vintage items and different techniques for colouring the fabric.
The image was there (I love the sewing around it), as well as others fitting the theme...
It now has a place of honour along with other lovely vintage things...(and yes Sis that pillow top used may look familiar to you..)
The second package received (and you need to go and see more here) contained a mini quilt with the same image.
(I used a combination of contemporary and “vintage” items. The base material was in my stash. The “lacy” top is (I think) from curtains – I thrifted it a while back. I also thrifted the crocheted trim and the dresser top that was cut to go behind the picture. I love old sewing measuring tapes. Old shirt buttons and vintage beads were a nice add. The flower is from an old hat and I just happened to come across the little bird pin in a local consignment store – he feels just right. I found the quote ages ago by chance on the Internet and I often use it in sewing collages…)

Now over time these ladies have become "virtual" friends. They share snippets of their lives, things they are doing, advise (I think I recieve more then I give), encouragement...For all that is happening in the world, I am thankful for the friendships I have made simply by participating in blogland! Thank You Lenna, this was so much fun - look forward to many more "exchanges" in the future my friend!. Jewels
(p.s. A little peek at my next post)...


  1. What a lovely post! I adore the way you write, Jewels. You have a flair for it. I think I should edit my post and write a bit more about how I made the pillow for you. I had so many photos I concentrated on that. You have done an awesome job. Maybe a postcard or ATC next?

  2. I saw these on Lenna's blog and ooh'd and ahh'd at the creativity and style of both swaps. You are both so talented and well matched creatively.

    How wonderful that you 'found' each other and have struck up such a wonderful friendship.


  3. Julie, what a great post and what beautiful artwork. You have certainly found your niche and a kindred soul to trade with. If I were younger, I would be in that with both feet!! And I do so enjoy trading the atc's and tags with you. Hugs from the Hag!!

  4. Hey that pillow top DOES look familiar!!! Glad to see it went to good use..........just hope my mother in law never asks me "what ever happened to......?". LOL
    J xo