Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Year's Fashion Statement

While enjoying my Sunday ritual of coffee and reading the newspaper I came across the following. Nothing like hunting season in Michigan that would cause a grown person to dress like this.

It's what all the best dressed hunters will be wearing. Hopefully they don't get mistaken for Sasquatch! (I wonder what the model is thinking - at least their smiling LOL) ...


  1. Well, he certainly will blend in with nature, won't he.

  2. Either he got paid VERY well or consumed a significant amount of alcohol for the photo shoot!!! I hope you don't see anyone dressed like that in your neck of the woods! What some people will do (wear) just to catch a rabbit! lol
    J xo

  3. That is funny! Wonder if he waits until he gets to the woods to put it on - he would get some unbelieving stares if he wore it out on the street! Carol

  4. I could never quite figure out why stores sell things in safety orange AND camouflage. Personally, if I were out in the woods with armed individuals, I would not be trying to blend in with the background. That suit is amazing.