Wednesday, September 30, 2009


October is not only my favorite time of year - it is also a special month for me.
I was born in October (what a cute kid!).

Married in October.

Yes, that’s hubby looking quite dashing in a kilt. Unfortunately, while he too looked pretty good, the Piper was awful - one of the many stories people like to tell about our wedding. Like the one where the senior ladies at the reception were egging on one of the bridal party (not hubby) to do cartwheels - keeping in mind his tartan underwear was by that time on his head.

Canadian Thanksgiving is in October (which makes a lot more sense to me then American Thanksgiving – after all it is about the Harvest right?) But hubby and I, being equal opportunists, celebrate both (why not)! Oh, and the picture, sad but true - I once made hubby American Thanksgiving dinner in 15 minutes - turkey, stuffing - the whole nine yards!

And this year I celebrate a year since I did my first (and probably only) Marathon – and I've got the medal to prove it - just can't believe I ever ran that distance - but hubby tells me I did (never say never right).

I love this little poem and it goes with my Grasset picture, don’t you think? Anyway, hurrah for October, the best month of the year in my opinion – I only wish it lasted longer! Cheers, Jewels.


  1. .........and it's my anniversary with Tim too! 23 years!
    So, yes, October is a wonderful month in many respects.
    J xox

  2. Julie!! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving --- in the prettiest month of the year. I have always loved autumn - even rainy fall days. Now which birthday and which anniversary? Such a sweet post. Carol

  3. I'm an October fan, too - AND a fan of Canadian Thanksgiving, which makes TONS of sense to me, too. Thanksgiving travel here too often means hoping the ice/sleet/snow don't come on a major travel day.

  4. Well, then, Happy October to you, dear Julie. Do something special this weekend and do make it fun. Try to treat yourself to a special meal out and buy some fabric. lol