Thursday, September 10, 2009

Henry (aka Harry) Carpenter

Well my dears Thrifting has been pretty sparse of late. Either not enough time, nor anything I would even consider bringing home. I did, however, manage one interesting acquisition.

As you know, I love old books. This one is not "exceptional" in any way - a nice cover, though it looks like its been through some trying times.

Some nice illustrations (gee, I wish Master Gryphon or Miss Gwendoline would fetch for me - just not dead birds). So I thought I'd purchase it. Little did I realize, until I got home, that I had also acquired some additional "treasures".

Robinson Crusoe was owned by a young man named Harry Carpenter. His teacher, Madge Sires (?), actually gave it to him in 1921. Now it just so happens Harry tucked some interesting documents in his book.

There was not just one, but two Home Report Cards from 1926. Harry was an okay student - he seemed to be best at Printing (?).

To the right of his marks are his "Citizenship Record" (yikes). You can't tell very well from the scan but a red check mark "indicates Weakness" - Harry was not so good on the "Do I work until the job is done?" (of course not, he was busy reading his book!).
Harry also left a letter from a friend, Arthur Thomas, in his book dated Nov. 1 1925.

Not sure if Arthur was upset about the fact his "professor is a woman this year". He talks about not passing last year but hopefully doing better - meanwhile, he also talks about basketball (hmm - that might explain the poor grades Arthur).

Anyway - love those unexpected treasures. I'm hoping Thrifting will be better next week as we head out to cottage country to enjoy watching the seasons change in September. Hope to have lots of lovely pictures when I get back! Cheers for now, Jewels...


  1. wow, that is so very cool to have found this stuff in the book. I am a huge fan of children's literature. I have a very old basal reader, Tom, Dick and Jane that was given to me when i began teaching. I really treasure that book so very much. Janet my neighbor and I were just talking about what we were going to do for the storybook challenge for the quilt show. Oh the possiblilities and how do you pick a favorite book when there are so very many. She is a retired teacher also, and we spent about an hour talking on the porch about our favorite short picture books that we could do.

  2. How the heck do you come up with these cool things!!! Too bad Harry's teacher didn't know his name. He was known as Henry on both report cards. Maybe it is the teacher who needs a report card!
    J xo

  3. Fun post, Julie. I don't know whether or not you have seen them, but on Pieces of the Past I have listed two blogs that are by someone who works in a used book store. One, I think, is Forgotten Bookmarks and the other is about old recipes - all of the things were found in old books. It's a great blog! Carol