Monday, September 14, 2009

Update and Thrifting Notes

First – an update – Master Gryphon is doing just fine – he gives a big SHOUT OUT to his peeps and thanks them for their concerned messages to his Mum. Apparently a weekend of good drugs and “bed rest” were just the ticket (He did a lot of this)!

His “bum leg” (though still slightly bummy according to Mum) is much better. AND when they did his 3 month lung check today he is STILL cancer free (they said a year tops, and here is 15 months and still going strong). I swear he is going to out live me…I had some free time this morning waiting for Master Gryphon to have his stuff done at the vet (as an aside Dr. Carlson and Tech Katie ROCK at Northern Animal Clinic) and I found a NEW SOURCE (which I am not sharing with anyone) for thrifting. And to think, just the other day I was talking about how scarce it had been lately. I was certainly GREEN after Barb shared her weekend treasures (dang you girl).

Here is part of today’s score for me. See the card decks (free – they thought they were too “handled”).

Love the graphics on these Old Maid cards.

Sewing stuff (of course) – two lovely pin cushions, buttons, trim, some wonderful lace collars.
And of course books. Now I thought the bird and the wildflower books were cool but…
The cook books were THE big thing. My new source just kept asking me what I liked (Are you into cookbooks dear? You evil senior citizen, you know I am!) Oh my, yes. Especially lovely old ones like this Joy of Cooking.
And an old recipe box – the contents were interesting – but the box is even better. Lets take a quick tour of those Betty Crocker books...
For when I retire...

But I'm still a working girl...

And as the sun sets here in lovely mid Michigan (unfortunately not our cottage as planned), I thought I would leave you with this last pic (gotta get hubby one of those hats). Sigh, I'm good, Master Gryphon is good and balance has been restored in Thrifting Land ;->…Cheers, Jewels


  1. First of all, so happy about your Mr. G as stated in an e-mail I just sent you - and second, I think you went thrifting in my kitchen!! I see two of my cookbooks there, Jewels! The Outdoor Cooking with Betty Crocker and Joy of Cooking- going to go check and see if they're gone! Seriously, you have found some fun stuff. Good for you. Carol

  2. So happy to hear the puppy is fine! The old poop, shame on him for giving us a scare! The lung news is T-riffic too. If he outlives you, please don't leave him to me in your Will. I don't think Maggie could handle it!
    J xo

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. Wow, I just went to Barb's site from your link. She finds some really cool stuff also. I found in Petoskey the other day at an antique shop 8 crystal dessert cups with stems. The women said $20.00 or best offer and i was so excited i would have bought them for about 35.00. lol But i didn't tell her that. You should just taste the fresh fruit, yogurt and granola in them. The ice cream with a cookie on the side is pretty good also.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Glad to hear Gryph is okay. Wanted to let you know that Syd received your package. Thank you for the lovely picture and the money! she decided to buy a bean bag chair with her birthday money so that contributed to the purchase. Thank you so much!