Sunday, September 13, 2009

We All Need Inspiration

I know I do. Since I started blogging I certainly have been inspired (and humbled) by the many friends I have made. There is so much wonderful stuff out there - and so much eye candy! It would be so easy just to sit in front of my computer for hours at a time! BUT I do find other ways to get inspired...

I have an inspiration board - everyone should have one. They are dead easy to make. Mine is an old frame I picked up at the thrift shop and a cutter quilt.

It really was in rough shape - the only piece that was intact was in the center.

I salvaged it and glued it on to an old piece of foam board that I cut down to size to fit the frame. Nailed into place on the back and - voila - it was as simple as that.

The fun part, of course, is adding items. I have lots of trinkets and mini pieces of art I have started to hang on my board. Items I find in magazines as well...

Isn't this inchie that
Carol made wonderful!

Things from blogging friends like Beth...and my own attempts.

There are "blank" spots, but that's okay - the great thing about an inspiration board is that you can add and subtract at any time. Now if you REALLY want to be overwhelmed by a great board, go check out
Elizabeth's.... And if you feel "inspired" to start one of your own - just Google inspiration board and you'll get lots of ideas. Cheers, Jewels


  1. I thought "eye candy" only pertained to hot looking know......the ones we refer to as slurpies!!! LOL I guess you could say that quilts are eye candy to you like beautiful gardens are eye candy to me.
    Awesome idea! You can also use an old bulletin board and create the same thing by either painting the cork or covering it with material.
    J :)

  2. Julie, my Elle has one from an idea that the gal that won in gymnastics in the U.S. olympic, the last team. She was on Oprah an plugged the book that inspired her during her many workouts. My daughter loves quotes and has many dreams. These boards are great ideas. I love yours.

  3. Hey, Julie - How neat - and I love the fact that my little "inchie" is hanging on your inspiration board. I am forever in awe of what people do with their hands and their minds. No way should anyone ever be bored!! Giggling at the fact that "anonymous" talks about "slurpies"! What a neat expression. Is that your sis? Whoever it is sounds like lots of fun. Carol