Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nightstand Report

Been awhile since I shared with you my latest, favorite read. The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society was a book I bought a few weeks back and lent to my Mum first. When I was Canada this weekend she gave it back to me and, guess what, I literally gobled it up in one night!
I love books that make you laugh and cry - and this one certainly did. I wasn't sure if I would like it at first as it is a series of letters. Sure it was "predictible" in some ways - but I also learned a lot about Guernsey and the impact of WWII on the island. As an aside, the books author, Mary Ann Shaffer, passed away before she could see what a success her book is - how sad. The book itself has a lovely ending - and I kept imagining which English actors should play different characters (it is just the kind of story to be made into once of those lavish series you see on PBS). Anyway BIG 5 lampshades out of 5 for this one. So what's on your nightstand?


  1. What a cute pumpkin!

    I read Guernsey Potato Peel etc etc about a month ago- it was charming. It reminded me of the Helene Hanff books and her correspondence with English book sellers- 84 Charring Cross Road. Have you read them?

    (I'm currently reading chick lit- a Jennifer Weiner book- Certain Girls)

  2. I like the lampshade rating system. This is the SECOND weekend in a row I forgot to bring home library books. It's been awful. I've really been liking Eleanor Lipman's books (The Inn at Lake Devine, My Latest Grievance, and more I can't remember.) I also loved "Olive Kitteridge," which I'm pretty sure I spelled wrong but I think it won a Pulitzer so it can't be too hard to find. I liked "Guernsey" a lot, too, and didn't know anything of its history in WWII.

  3. Well, I just got done reading Friday Night Knitting CLub. It was a very slow start as far as reading goes but boy did it turn to be a book that i thoght about after for days. I have heard that there is a second story that just came out. I will have to look that one up when at Barnes and Noble next. I am currently ready Dyer Consequences by Maggie Sefton, it is a mysstery.

  4. Would you like to know what's on my nightstand? How about the exciting "Stategic Compensation in Canada" by Richard Long? Or what about "Employment Law for Business and Human Resources Professionals" by Kathryn Filsinger. With a name like that you'd think it would be a riveting read!!! When I need to cure my insomnia I turn to my "Resolving Conflicts at Work". It says it's a revised edition......I think they must have taken all the pictures out because it's just a bunch of words and nothing else to keep me enthralled!!!
    Happy Reading to All!! J :)