Friday, October 16, 2009

Has It Really Been A Week!

I can't believe only seven days ago I was on my friend's deck enjoying a glass of wine and celebrating all kinds of things - how the days fly by! Mind you, the fact that I sit in front of a computer all day at work makes it hard sometimes to get in the mood for blogging at night. Don't get me wrong, its just been one of those kinds of weeks. On my birthday we travelled up north. The day started with cards and a nice present from hubby ( a gift certificate to my favorite spa - when the going gets tough, the tough get a facial I always say!).

I really did not take as many photos as I thought I would - and honestly the weather was not the best (our first sprinkling of snow!) However, we really did have a lovely time. This was where we got to stay...

Friday, our first full day there, we went into Frankfort, MI and enjoyed all the Fall decorations - everyone was getting ready for the Fall Fair. We stopped in Crescent Bakery and got ourselves two pumpkin muffins "for the road" (but I don't think they made it to the car). Master Gryphon was very well behaved and even let a sweet old lady say hello without batting an eyelid.

We stopped in to see the Point Betsie Lighthouse. You can see how overcast it was.

This was taken looking in the opposite direction.

Saturday started out just beautiful - this is the view of Crystal Lake down the road from Anne's place. The leaves had not completely turned over yet.

Speaking of which, what a great deck she has overlooking the woods.

She also has a friend (or two) guarding her property.

We decided to make a trip to Glen Arbor where we stopped in at Cherry Republic (of course) and Leelanau Coffee (to name a few places). I even found a couple of old books at the Cottage Book Shop worth bringing back.

Isn't this a great poem! It was in one of the books I found - I know I will be using it...

Alas, by mid day we were experiencing snow squalls of the lake and decided to head back. But not after a really wonderful anniversary dinner at Coho Cafe (hubby had the Thai-Coconut Bouillabaisse and I'm still hearing about it!)
Anyway, both Master Gryphon and Miss Gwendoline had a swell time (and so did we). Thanks again Anne and Hal - we loved every minute of it!


  1. Looks like you had a great week - lovely places!

  2. Julie, my very favorite place is Glen Arbor. It is so very pretty and i just love the yarn shop that they have there. I always find something to buy. I am glad that you had a nice get away. I just got home from a swim meet in Detroit at Oakland University. Gar did great today swimming and i got us there by 6:50 am. I do think that i was still sleeping when I pulled in the parking lot. lol