Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vacation Crafts

Well the weather was not the best while we were away - Fall seems to have come quickly. Very windy and rainy the first few days and pretty much overcast the rest of the week (of course the sun was shining on our last day...). But we did not mind as A. got new cottage gutters installed at the end of the week (how exciting is that, LOL) and B. had time to do a few "crafty" things.....
I needed to create a page to compliment Carol and Ray...I found this little newspaper clipping in a book on entertainment - thought it matched my couple kicking up their heels.

And the flow is nice between the pages...

This page actually started as a "mistake" the pink wallpaper on the right is all that is left of another page I did and just decided I did not like. I found the discarded shorthand course book at the village library by the cottage (you pay whatever you like) and the picture came from Beth's ....

I am undecided about Henry - remember his report card last year (no I did not use the original - this is a copy)? The young man looks just looks like a Henry (very studious) but not sure I like this spread - well they can't all be wonderful right.

Finally, I am taking Mary's second class and she gave great instructions on how to prepare an "altered book" for art. I found this one at a church thrift shop (cheap, cheap, cheap) - it has such a pretty cover - I plan to "match" my pages with it (when I get to them!)...
Enjoy, Jewels.


  1. Neat work Julie, I am glad that you are enjoying this paper crafting. It sure has been cold up north also. I stayed inside all weekend due to rain, but I worked on a little 3 pumpkin wall hanging that I am hand stitching. The rain didn't get me down either. lol

  2. I'm lovin' these pages! The one with the shorthand page, did you chalk the girl or did she come in those gorgeous colours. I love the flowers, beautiful and perfect for her. And those colourful dancers compliment Carol and Ray perfectly. As for Henry, I think he's fab! I think Henry would be rather a good name for the tortoise too!


  3. Your dancing pages are great- such fun and movement. I'm glad you found a place for the tinted photo, its one of my favorites.