Saturday, January 26, 2013


Fiddlesnips Jo finally received my mail art so I can post pictures! Our theme was “woolgathering” – probably not a term you've heard before…I first heard it watching an old Clark Gable movie from 1932 called Red Dust. In one scene he is walking with his love interest and says something like “You seem distracted” to which she replies “Oh, I’m just woolgathering”. Say what! Had to go look it up – defined as: idle or absent-minded indulgence in fantasy; daydreaming. What a wonderful theme for an art piece! You can read about the origin of the word here.
This is what Jo sent, just love her “dreamy” guy. And she does such a wonderful job of layering in her background. Read all about it in this post.
The envelope is great too. Another more pensive gentleman “willing”  the post office to “take me to” ME over the ocean (Jo lives in the UK).
I decided to try a bunch of new things (for me). I painted my background with black gesso (never used before). I used a white gel pen for the text and my “pseudo” (LOL) zentangles – practicing for some mail art I owe Leslie and Beth. I printed her image (from Take A Break) on newsprint (yay my printer did not crap out on me) and coloured her in with chalk. Her daydream background is actually an old sparkly birthday card and her wings I cut out from a note card.
Enjoy! Jewels


  1. I knew that word already, prolly read it in books somewhere along the way. Love all your work, both of you. The black gesso looks good, Jewels. That's a great theme. Very cool, ladies!

  2. This was a fun swap to do, Jewels - thank you for suggesting the brilliant theme!

    Your postcard is even prettier in the 'flesh' than it is shown here.


  3. I didn't know that word and think it's wonderful! Jenn at the APR has challenged us to make Mail Art this week, so that's something new for me to try.
    I love your lady and her wings and the envelope yor strong man came in is just wonderful!! :0) Mo x