Monday, September 2, 2013

Calendar Collage: September

What the mashed potatoes????(I'm being polite).  What happened to August I ask. Even my garden caught me by surprise when I realized the Shasta Daisies were spent and the Cone Flowers were definitely past their prime. I just don't remember seeing it all happen. Oh well, Fall is after all my favorite time of year - just hope I get to enjoy it before its suddenly the big C (ugh, there are decorations in the store already)!
September, of course, means back to school for many. I always remember my first day of my first year of high school (grade nine and no, that was NOT 1953, snork). I was pretty nervous. Principal looks very no nonsense, administrative type don't you think?
I had made clothes for the year (or at least embellished a few things as I recall) that summer to be ready. I am sure the Lunch Ladies were prepared for us too - obviously resting up before all the young hooligans descend on them.
Our cheerleaders were not quite as prim and proper as these ones - but I remember driving by the high school and seeing them practice out front in late August. Even remember one of their chants "Let's go rocka rocka and a cha cha cha" how funny.
And just like this high school, we a had a very young and quite nice music teacher....and a plethora of science, math and geography teachers I never understood (ESPECIALLY math).
I don't remember a safety patrol - I'm a little concerned there are no boys on this one! But I am sure these young ladies are well prepared.
Then there were the clubs - I think I would have liked to join this one - very progressive I would say! Though no one is wearing safety glasses...and I can't see being in the workshop with my frock on can you?
And certainly this one - do you think it was some kind of early precursor to the computer club - the description reads.... the main purpose is to learn how to operate and take care of the visual aids machines...oh my, how far we have come! And the one young lady grinning who is looking directly at the camera - I think she would be my best friend LOL.... 
My retro calendar spread for this month is ready to be filled. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I truly love how you make stories up about the characters in your pictures & I think your backgrond is great :o))

  2. Lordy... what a trip down memory lane. Great spread. It's so fun to look at the old clothes and hair styles.

    I have no idea what happened to my old yearbooks but a friend brought me one from the twentys. Guess I should start using it. You may be getting a postcard...

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I just LoVe this journal spread!
    And, yeah … I just said the other day, "What the mashed potatoes happened to August?"

    Merry September!

  4. Yeah....what did happen to August!!!....fabby pages Jewels...and I love the tales that you attach to those wonderful retro pics!

  5. Brilliant calendar pages - I love that girl grinning at the camera, she was NOT concentrating during Projectionist Club!

    We are enjoying a wonderful late summer, and temperatures will be up to 30 degrees tomorrow :)

    Who said the C word? :/


  6. These images are great! I would love to find some old yearbooks to use in my art-making...but I'd get too distracted flipping through all the pages!