Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mail Art - Night Sky

Oh my this was such a fun theme for Jo, Lenna and I. All three of us came up with something entirely different! And I love them all....

Let's start with Jo's - "Why did the Hare stare at the Moon"? I did a quick Google and found this: The moon gazing hare is an ancient symbol of fertility. The hare is always an attribute of lunar deities. The moon-gazing hare was especially important to early Britons. In nature hares can be seen and in ancient times, often seen in this "moon gazing" pose. Chinese moon gazing hares were thought of as gazing up at what he sees as his ancient ancestor, the Moon rabbit in the moon....

I can't wait to read Jo's post on this and how she created it. I have a special place for it already picked out! Love the envelope too!

Lenna, who is very big in to photography and playing with different programs came up with a wonderful image of her street at night - just love everything that is happening here with all the different layers.

She also created a beautiful cover that she attached her photo to.

I used a photo I took last year at the cottage of a sunset that had spectacular colours - of course photos can't do it justice.

I decided it was time to really get serious with my Gelli Plate (lol) and used it to create the background. After I did the first print I embellished it with water colours. Turned out to be a good match with the original photo.

I also used a gelli print for the envelope which has a very poetic description of my picture - I first heard this on NPR radio when a gentleman from Sierra Leone explained that in his language "You know, how you say, "night came suddenly"? In Mende, which is my mother tongue, you say, "the sky rolled over and changed its sides." Lovely...

Next up - Tickled Pink - and I already know what I plan to do. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Those are all so beautiful and creative!!! Curious about your gelli print. Is that what I remember as a school kid then known as the hectograph? And I know you will be going to the cottage this weekend - have a wonderful time and hope you find all well after the hard winter!!! Hello to Mr. Darcey! Carol

  2. This was another fun swap (with 3 such different results) - and with another brilliant theme suggested by you, Jewels!

    Tickled Pink is going to be fun too :)


  3. beautiful creations . . . each inspires me to get into my work space and get my hands dirty creating something - anything.

  4. Really liked the theme and the results. Just love that little hare. Nice job, all. Hugs.