Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mennonite Envelopes ++Part 1

Who knew??? Certainly not me (google it for more info) ....Jo suggested this for our last mail swap. Mine have arrived safely to her and Lenna so I can show you. Jo was inspired by this post...

You start with a page from a magazine (I used covers from some old Better Home and Gardens as they had some weight to them). 
Paint, stamp, draw your little heart out both sides. 

Start folding…

It looks more confusing (maybe) then it really is…

I practiced on some Stampington magazine pages first.

To get the hang of it…

I also got the book (second hand cheap) that has the instructions…
Once the folding is done you know where to place additional art work (I kept to the middle “square” as I did not know how well the graphics would fold). This was Lenna’s – grumpy old lady (not Lenna silly, the woman in the picture)…
And had a funny fortune cookie saying that went along.
Here is how I placed her.

The same for Jo’s – another great fortune cookie saying...

That went great with the ad LOL! I swear I have some kind of warped humour...

So it comes out like this when done! The back…

And the front…I was nervous about it actually making it through the post (especially to England) so I did some extra taping … just  hoped that both of my Peeps were able to figure out how to open in one piece (whew)!
Next challenge is the “one staple collage” – see more here!  Enjoy…Jewels


  1. What a brilliant idea! And those fortune cookies gave me a good giggle. I love your sense of humour :D

  2. Well, that's a pretty cool envelope. I've seen them somewhere before but can't remember. Your pictures are enough of a tutorial for me to go give it a try. Thanks!

    Love the inside of the first one.

  3. This was a different swap for us, wasn't it - and I really enjoyed it.

    I LOVED what you sent to me :)

    ps I'm beginning to worry about mine - it's now 2 weeks since I sent them........please Mr Postman, don't let this be another one that goes AWOL :(

  4. I'm still enjoying mine, thank you Jewels! Love your colors and pattern stamps.