Sunday, February 15, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 7 - Cover the Good Stuff

Can you believe we are half way through February already! Holy smokes... Anyway, the challenge this week was Cover Up Good Stuff and the prompt was Going Undercover...I have to say I was not thrilled with this week's challenge. But I think that is to be expected. We are not all going to like every week. The funny thing is - I quite unintentionally ended up doing it anyway lol.
You can see my background which I actually quite liked (ignore the orange leaf - I was experimenting :)  ). I used one of those round plastic scrubbers for cleaning dishes to get the scratched effect using gesso mixed with acrylic paint. Lots of stamping and painting.  (Sorry about all my pics - none are spot on with the real colour)
I've been pulling pages from my old magazines and found this one in McCalls. What's amazing is that it was painted in 1502 by Albrecht Durer. I got inspired to frame him in a vintage picture frame so he covers a good chunk of my nice background. The “tree” beside him is packing material. 
Yes that is the title of a chapter from an old science book. They were covering how the brain of animals work (or at least how they thought it did back in the 1930s LOL).
In the background you can see “asemic writing” (google it) that Leslie introduced me to last year. I like to believe he is thinking too himself about his next meal, the wily fox chasing him, whether or not I can see him :). Great for filling in space and good practice for a couple of postcards I am working on for a swap with Jo and Lenna.
I was going for the effect of deep in the forest by a stream with light dabbling through. Not sure if I quite got it but it was a lot of messy fun….and pretty sure I am going to regret that button when I start next week’s page!


  1. I think your light dappled forest glade by the stream is fabulous. The colours are amazing. I love the swirls from the scrubby. Wow, the rabbit is fabulous, and painted by THE Albrecht Durer! A great find in your magazine. Hope you had a good weekend and have a fine week ahead. I must look up again about that fancy writing. ((hugs)) :o))

  2. very awesome Jewels!! You know I love the up cycling, repurposing!! Hope you are staying warm!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  3. Beautiful!

    I need to make time to do some art.

    What is the challenge for next week?

  4. Love the background, the colors and the twigs. And the bunny in the frame is perfect, looks like a vintage painting. Very nice.

  5. I love it jewels. There are times I don't want to know what Miss Candi is thinking. LOL It is good to get caught up with you.

  6. I think you very much achieved the effect you were aiming for! I really like your background and I love the 'Where some of the animals do their thinking.'!!


  7. I love your background Jewels and what you covered it with. Plus I get a good example of asemic writing!! :o)) Way to go Jewels! This turned out great!