Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mail Art - Weather Report

The last 2016 Mail Art Swap with Jo and Lenna was Weather Report....and as usual totally different interpretations (though Sun and Rain played a big part in all lol). First up is what I received from Jo...
who lives in the UK and knows my family roots back to England. Perfect collage...
and a cool envelope to go with it!
Lenna's art is truly fab - she experiments with different materials and techniques - I love the texture she has created on this piece...
...and my personal weather report on the back.
A close up from her envelope.
Mine were both included in packages to my friends so no fancy envelopes. I dipped into my retro collection and found these two ladies (both are from ads for coffee). 
Jo's is based on one of my favorite songs!
I found this lovely poem by Langston Hughes that inspired Lenna's card.

So that's a wrap. Our first Mail Art Swap for 2017 is Alphabet Soup...meanwhile, enjoy. Jewels


  1. I love seeing your art up close & personal on your blog, jewels! Not to mention it is fun to see what Jo did and see my art again . . . Just a lot of FUN! Thank you!!

  2. p.s. I love my poem and we could use some rain here in FL!!

  3. Wonderful detailing of the processes and how individually each of you added your wonderful creativity!

  4. Oh goodness I enjoyed reading this post and looking at what you made for Lenna and what she made for you. This was a great swap prompted by a super idea from you (again).

    Happy New Blogging Year! (My New Year's resolution is to dust down my blog).

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