Monday, February 1, 2010

Shhhh - its a Secret

Well I'm just pleased as punch...we are doing a "Secret Valentine" at Guild this month and I get to experiment again!

The only rules are - you have to make it and it has to include a heart....simple as that.
Easy starting with this little hanger...

Lots of fabric and

vintage doohickey things (the more doohickey the better, I say) to work with...

I first saw some of Rebekah Meier's work in Sew Somerset - this is a great book for inspiration which I used ...and it just all came together - can you guess what my masterpiece "says"?

I ....


...Stitch! How sweet is that! Even hubby figured it out...

I really don't want to give it away - it was one of those projects where everything just seemed to work out - definitely one of a kind. Thankfully, I have enough materials to make one for me!

I also finished my ATC - this month "Under the Big Top". I've been using a lot of old birthday cards lately for another project (more on that later) and this one just happened to fill the bill for our theme! I've had a peek at Carol's and it looks fun to (dang, she's ahead of me on our Challenge Quilt).

But I'll be taking a break from crafty things for at least one night...LOST starts up again tomorrow (hurrah) - the final season - so will we finally find out what is "up" with the Island? Stay tuned...


  1. Those are so neat! You do such a beautiful job of making the darling collages and you have such cool things you have found to use in your artwork. Great job, Julie - do you have my name in the drawing? Carol

  2. You should be pleased - that fabric collage is great! Completely with you on the doohickeys.

  3. I have mine finished and bagged and I just love the person that is getting my secret surprise.

  4. I agree with you- that quilt is too cute to give away :) The colors are so pretty together and I love that sweet serene face.