Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Bling

Our ATC for March is all about "bling" - which got me thinking about some of my own dazzling delights...
I'm showcasing mostly my brooches. I love brooches and try to wear them when ever I can - though they don't seem to be in "style" at the moment.
I’ve been very fortunate to inherit some lovely pieces from my Mum, grandmothers and aunts.
My Mum gave me this piece for that birthday. It belonged to my grandmother.
Some pieces I just get by chance . I “won” (hubby debates this part) a box of old jewelry at a silent auction at a quilt show. There were some pretty pieces.
This is an old Sara Coventry piece. I found this description online….Circa 1964, this medieval revival cross motif is one of the loveliest Sarah sets, never widely distributed because it was a "Hostess set," meant as a gift for those who agreed to have a jewelry party with a specific amount of sales. The beaded goldtone openwork cross setting holds beautiful multicolored cabochon teardrops. I cannot tell if these are glass or hard, heavy plastic. Whatever it is, gold foil is marbled within. There appears to be matching earrings but we did not have those – I’m pretty sure we picked this up at a Church rummage sale back in the 60’s (I vaguely remember).
Most of my pieces are British. The Viking ship brooch came from a great Aunt on my Dad’s side of the family and is very old.
These are more pieces from my Mum.
I’m not sure where this bracelet came from – but look at the detail – it has different scenes from Paris – it may have been a gift to my Mum from a relative.
The little jewelry box came from an elderly lady who knew my Mum –

it was very nice of her to let me have it. You can tell it has been well used - the black velvet has gone thin on the edges - it's own patina...
Which brings me to my ATCs...last year we also did Bling but I focused more on silver.
This year I had gold in mind but wanted to combine with spring...
So Spring Bling!
What do you think? I liked how this technique turned out so much that I'm thinking a Give Away is due - so stay tuned...


  1. OMG, Julie - you are doing spectacular work! Those cards are just gorgeous - I am so glad I will be one of the recipients. You would be a good one to teach a class in the art of collage, etc. A+, girlfriend! Carol

  2. P.S. Loved the brooches, too. Just lovely.

  3. Well Canada wins for ice dancing and it turns out that Scott was Elle's first dance testing partner. He is the kindest man and well deserves the gold for all of his hard work. I do wish though that USA could have won the gold with him being American, oh well atleast he tranins in Detroit.

  4. Hey sis, do you remember that big old black (fake) fur coat mum used to have? She used to wear those pins all the time on the collar. I'd forgotten about some of those.
    Brings back cozy memories of her in her younger days.
    J xox

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

    Your brooch collection is beautiful!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Sharon

  6. Ohhh Jewels I am in awe of your beautiful bling! I can tell some of those are very old treasures! What wonderful heirlooms!
    Your ATC's are spectacular too.
    Helen aka ladychiara