Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Checking In

Yes I've been very remiss with blogging lately...this summer has rushed by so quickly. It certainly won't be remembered as my favorite - hubby and I agree it has been overwhelming with work, health, family and such... but I try, like most of us, to keep my corner in blog land for fun things and happy thoughts. Though I have to say being in Michaels craft store yesterday and seeing Christmas decorations (yes, you heard me) almost put me over the top....can you believe it!

I've got a few projects going - including Mary's new class (still plenty of time to sign up) which I'm hoping to learn even more tricks from for my collages.

Meanwhile I'm still fitting in a few minutes here and there for my gluebook - something rather calming about it I think. At least I'd rather get stressed over the colour of my background versus the silly people at my place of employment who can't respect there are only so many hours in the day one can work! (take deep breath - don't get me started)

Plus hubby and I made this awesome discovery - a really funny show called The Big Bang Theory (I know, I know - its already in its 3rd season). How did we miss this one! Sadly we both get most of the nerdy references (but I'll never be able to listen to the theme from 2001 A Space Odyssey again in the same way). Check it out...
So hopefully you will see a little more of me in the days to come. Once Fall comes things will start to get back to normal right (now define that for me?) ... Cheers Jewels.


  1. I'm getting back in the everyday mode now after such a good time. Love your gluebook page and know you will have lots of fun in your new class. You have a talent for doing the lovely collages and art work. It's so great to have things to do that you love - even though it's frustrating not being able to spend the time you wish doing them, it is so calming when you actually can work them in.

  2. Did you say CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!! Sweet! I wish we had a Michael's. I'm sure if I made a trip to our local craft store I would see the same thing.........4 months, 6 days til the HOHO man comes!!! HAHAHA

  3. Yes I agree, when you are overwhelemed with work or stress of family matters take Julie time and sit and quilt or glue. lol I promise you will feel much better in minutes. Take a few minutes and call me in the morning, or is that asprin. lol