Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunshiny Day

Hope you are all having a sunshiny day! It is beautiful here at Maple Hill - 80 degrees with no humidity (what a nice break). I love being able to turn the air conditioner off at night and sleep with the windows open, don't you (even if our neighbourhood owl is noisy). We've been pretty lucky compared to most parts of the country, but still had temperatures into the nineties... Hubby and I spent our Saturday morning down at the Farmers Market and out for Brunch. He also (patiently) helped me replace my cell phone which had long since had its plan expire. I've stepped up in my "technology" (though I really just want a phone, ya know) and can even text now (yes, you heard me, I've started texting LOL)...My nephews would be shaking their heads...
It's also the time of year when my sunflowers start to bloom - did not plant "tall" ones this year - but still pretty...

... and match my sunshiny mood! Off to watch a baseball game and fireworks tonight! Have a good one. Jewels


  1. Wait until I tell Josh and Andy that their Aunt is now TEXTABLE!!!! lol Is it the same number as your old one?

  2. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, for sure. Sounds like you and your hubby made the most of it and had a fun day. Hope the Loons (assume that was the game) won last night. The sunflowers are just gorgeous! Carol

  3. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.