Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby it's COLD

Well it finally happened – it REALLY snowed here at Maple Hill. About the same time as last year . All our schools were closed today and we hit a balmy 7 F at noon (the wind chill made it more like -10). Yikes!
But it actually got sunny out…
So I braved the outdoors with many layers and took some snaps of my garden. I could hear the branches "cracking" as they swayed in the wind. It is that kind of cold where the snow is actually hard on top. Ice was everywhere. Sure looks a lot different to a few weeks ago…

All of my buddies agree - time to get indoors - brrrrr Meanwhile, had a little time to finish my December Vintage Tag for exchange tomorrow.
I love this print – she is very sweet.
I used a combination of old lace (some from a wedding dress), old sheet music (paper) and some “newer” fabrics. I actually applied some of the things I’ve learned over the last few months on vintage collaging…
I made this mini wall hanging a few years back – it actually hangs on my inspiration board all year long. The dimensions are…3x4” and the hanger is 4” (I finally found a supplier for hand crafted wire – I bought a table top “hanger” that is really sweet that I need to make a mini quilt for).
Hope you and yours are cozy and warm. Cheers. Jewels


  1. Hiya Sis, well I can't believe it. They have closed all roads going east past Modeland. There is no way of getting out of the city in that direction unless you use Lakeshore. Last count, there were 543 vehicles either stranded, pulled over for safety or crashed between here and London. We are getting more squals off Lake Huron as the wind has slightly shifted bringing us nasty snow. This is a true winter storm and I am very thankful for my cozy house!
    See you soon! xoxox BTW I start my new job Jan 4th!

  2. What a snow and what cold weather! Your pictures are super and I love "my" tag!! Maybe I will go post "your" tag! See you tomorrow night, Julie. Looking forward to dinner at Pi's!

  3. Julie, I love your pictures and thanks for the reminder that the weather was the same this time last year. We made it to the book store Saturday and bought some strategy guide books for Gar for Christmas. * these are for the xbox gaming system See you tomorrow, I am looking forward to it.

  4. Beautiful photos of your winter wonderland. Great tag too, lovin' all those layers.

    Keep warm!


  5. I love your vintage tag, jewels. It is simply beautiful! I have a vintage note card swap, just announced if you have time??? Find it here: