Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dance Card

What IS it about this time of year? This weekend my dance card is completely full...

It begins tomorrow with an early Christmas present - The Geek Squad are coming to install wireless at our house (HURRAH). How on earth did we last this long without it. The sad thing is we can "hook up" two items in the house to this new technology. Hubby and I were hard pressed to think of anything else besides our TV - we are such neanderthals when it comes to this kinda stuff. Anyway, no more putzing with my work laptop every time I want to use it from home - it will be so nice.
Saturday's agenda:
9 - 11 Hubby is at Barnes and Noble drumming up donations for the Imagination Library. I'm obligated (OBLIGATED I say) to go there and spend money (LOL) for a good cause.
11- Late afternoon - Lunch party then off to purchase items for charity baskets
7 - ? Party (drinking kind)

Sunday agenda:
AM - Domestic Engineering (i.e. do week's worth of house stuff including groceries in 4 hours)
Afternoon - Baby Shower at Friends (both Hubby and I are attending - may be drinking but not sure - will probably take something to be on the safe side)
PM - Collapse in time for beginning of work week
Sadly there is not much time to squeeze in "crafty" things - though of course there is a lot to be done before Christmas!

Hope your weekend is fun (but not as hectic). Cheers. Jewels


  1. Have fun Julie, maybe I will try and stop by Barnes and Noble on Saturday for a donation, it is the Midland branch right!

  2. Sounds like a busy, fun weekend - well mostly fun! I adore the dance card! Just love that kind of stuff - where did you find that sweet little thing? Have a good time, Julie. Carol