Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the Golden Globe Goes To...

...(I hope) The King's Speech. Hubby and I ventured out in the cold last night to see Mr. Darcy (I mean Colin Firth) do a splendid job of portraying King George VI. What a great movie. I have to say though I was a little perplexed with comments I heard from the audience as we were leaving the theatre ("wasn't that the actress in Harry Potter" (huh, why not focus on her performance as Elizabeth), "so when did this all happen"? etc). Hubby had to gently remind me that both of us, being brought up by British parents who lived through this period in time, had a much more thorough education in the history behind the movie. And Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII was bang on. One can only imagine if he had not abdicated how different the war might have turned out (frightening). Anyway, this got two big thumbs up in our household - we will be glued to the Telly tonight to see how it does. Definetly a contender for the Oscars - if you get a chance go see it!


  1. We saw The King's Speech yesterday too! Wasn't it FANTASTIC?! Colin Firth was brilliant (what a convincing stammer and you really felt his struggle), Helena Bonham Carter was inspired as his wife (our subsequent Queen Mother), and we felt the actor who played the speech therapist was wonderful - there was a great chemistry between the 2 actors.

    I woke up to the news that Colin Firth did win the Golden Globe for best actor and I agree that it was well deserved.


  2. When all that was going on, I was a young girl. I remember having paper dolls of the royal family. Elizabeth and I are close in age and Margaret Rose and I share a birthdate - the month and day, not year. I know nothing really of King George, but will really love seeing the movie, I am sure. Colin Firth is a favorite - he is so damned cute!! Carol

  3. lucky you, jewels! i love colin firth. So glad you got to see that! : )

  4. Oh I am so loving your blog and art work - amazing!

    I hope to see this film soon too

  5. Heard nothing but praise for this film!
    Going to see it tomorrow!