Friday, January 14, 2011


There are some critters (besides hubby) I love very much ....
Case in point, Miss Gwendoline. I worked from home today - but as usual she just ignored me and spent most of her time in her favorite spot. I've discovered it is right over one of the heating vents in the basement which has been going pretty much non stop since this cold weather kicked in. Nice and toasty for her - she very much likes her comfort. The only times she comes up for air are:
- when it is time to go outside
- when it is time to be fed
- when someone is in the kitchen
- when it is time to be fed (yes I repeated - anything food related gets her to move her kiester)

Other critters I am not so keen on - especially if in or near the house. Carpenter ants. Mice. Bats (ask Sis about that one). Chipmunks are the great dilemma. Yes they are cute (unless animated and singing) but I've been known to slay a few. When we had a particularly bad population control problem one year I went to one of our local lawn and pet stores. It has been family run for over 40 years. They are very nice people and there is a grain elevator on the property - I always find it neat to visit.

Any way one of the regular staff (a lady with a rather gruff voice) offered to answer my question "How best to manage my chipmunk problem". "Catch and release or kill em", she gruffly said (you had to be there). "Well kill them I suppose", I said. She disappeared for a few minutes and upon return slapped the biggest "trap" on the counter I've seen - think mouse spring loaded trap but built to catch rats. "This 'll do er" she said. At that point not wanting to debate options (really) I paid for my new device and went home to test out. I did, much to hubby's dismay, catch a lot of chipmunks that year ("Poor Alvin" my relatives were heard to whisper in shock). Finally there was the day I came home and (I swear with a tear in his eye) hubby informed me I had caught yet another one and could I please take care of it. At that point I realized I would need to curtail my chipmunk slaying. I have to say they've not been too bad since (they got the hint).

My Dad, on the other hand, has no problem encouraging these critters. He has actually become quite friendly with one and hand feeds him regularly. He has become so used to my parents place he has been known to take advantage of all feeding areas - like this one.

I thought this picture my Dad had taken was a hoot....All I can say is he won't find the accomodations at my place quite as welcoming! Enjoy, Jewels.


  1. So cute! I had a chipmunk fall asleep on the ledge of the birdfeeder - guess he had too much to eat and needed a nap. Carson seems to be feeling just about as ambitious as Gwendoline - what a life!

  2. How cute your post is, Julie. When I was home doing my student teaching and my sister was an hour and a half away from me teaching also she had a little mouse problem. So after nights of mickey tormenting her in the evening, she called me to come and visit with a mouse trap. Well when I was there no mouse, but when I left, mouse found the trap. I had to go all the way back there to throw the mouse in the dumpster, because she couldn't sleep with it in the trap, nor could she get rid of it herself. Oh the things we do for our sisters. lol

  3. Your husband clearly suffers from the British problem of not wanting to hurt any cute little furry critters, which might have cute little furry babies back at their cute little Disney-esque home.

    Grant and I can't even kill a snail or slug, preferring to re-home it over the fence on the railway's land, even though we know they'll be back to consume the contents of our flower beds. They show no gratitude, those molluscs.

    Miss G is gorgeous, and clearly has the right idea about how life should be lived!