Monday, February 28, 2011

Any Guesses?

A few weeks back hubby announced we were "leaving town" and to book off vacation for March 4th (this Friday). No hints on destination - just pack your bags. I did try some subtle digging ("Do you think they will have the same amount of snow as we have here?") but to no avail...
He did provide me a list of things to bring (how sweet of him) but still no clues.

Egads, whats that! The two most dreaded words in the English language (as far as I am concerned) - bathing suit! Don't call it swimwear 'cause that don't fool me none...My only suit is at the cottage so I was forced to buy another. And there is no way I could lose the winter weight in time to fit nicely in a bikini (LOL). Fortunately bathing suits are more cottage cheese friendly these days - you know what I mean - cover that stuff hanging off your butt (Hubby said I did not have any - funny guy - he obviously has not looked close enough lately, or wants something). This is not the one I purchased - mine is more "sporty". And thank goodness for online shopping - I only ventured into one store and quickly gave up (ugh, hate those 3 way mirrors). I can gag looking in the mirror in the privacy of my own home - good thing my first choice turned out to be just fine...
So any guesses? We leave Friday AM and come back some time Sunday and NO mention was made about passports (hmmmmm). We have a wonderful young lady to babysit Miss Gwendonline - this will be a first for us as well. I'll bring back pics. Looking forward to hearing what you think....Cheers, Jewels


  1. How exciting Jewels, and how mysterious! I haven't a clue where you're going because your husband seems to have allowed for every eventuality in his list of things to take - a red herring perhaps? Sounds like there's a lovely hotel somewhere in there, with a pool?

    Looking forward to seeing where you go,


  2. I have no idea, jewels! The only clue really is "warm clothes for outdoors" so it must be somewhere still a bit chilly. But a bathing suit? That means a nice swimming pool . . . and a restaurant! Well, I will be so curious to see where he takes you. This really is fun, I think.
    And your writing about it just makes me giggle! thank you!! : )

  3. Dress for night at nice restaurant - well, it's gotta be Paris, don't you think? That is so great that your husband would surprise you like this!

  4. Oh how fun!!! I agree with the bathing suit game, sounds like perhaps a hot tub, dining and a nice restaurant.....up north, perhaps Traverse City, MI. Have a great time and I hope that you finished your postcard for Wish you Were Here, Missy. I have mine all but the binding.

  5. on second thought it sounds like you are going to a casino. Dress warm, it could be drafty in there, bottled water to keep you hydrated, snacks in case you are a winnin, bathing suit so you can freshen up in the fountain, and hiking boots incase you lose and have to walk home........

  6. Hope you are having a t-riffic time!!!! Thinking boutchya! oxoxoxo Are you having Gwennie withdrawal yet? LOL

  7. Glad to hear you had a good time. I talked to Mum earlier tonight but I won't say anything on here to spoil the surprise!

  8. Where did your hubby take you??????? ; ^ )
    I want to know! Was it a surprise after all or did you figure it out??? xo