Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catch Up

Just putzin on a late Saturday afternoon. I've had so much fun learning new things this past year. A while back Carol and I used to exchange fabric ATCs with a couple of other gals. We are trying something different this year with fabric Vintage Tags.
However, I'm still doing ATCs but now with paper. This latest one has vintage wallpaper for the background and a nice definition of the word True. Of course I had to add just a tiny touch of bling (could not help myself). I did something similar for one of Mary's classes.
These were posted on Flickr but I don't think everyone goes there - if you want to see more of my gluebooks just click on the Flickr tool in my sidebar - even I'm impressed how much I have squeezed in..
Hubby and I went to try a new restaurant tonight - The Creek Grill - for my local pals it was so so (as hubby put it, nothing special). However, we don't have a lot of choices here so want to try new things when they come ... Due for the return of snow tomorrow (yech) after a couple of days of Spring like weather (it IS only February still here in lovely mid Michigan). I am starting a new online class tomorrow (yeah) called 4 Artists, 4 Ways. I'm excited about that because these Artists (including my peep Lenna) are teaching altered book techniques - can't wait! Later. Jewels


  1. you are so cute, Jewels. I am very happy to be your peep!! ; ^ ) And I am very excited about the opening of the new class. I get to take class from Mary & Hope for 2 weeks before my lessons start!
    p.s. I love your ATCs, they are great!

  2. I have just been on Flickr checking out your pictures. Your work is just wonderful - you should be able to teach classes yourself. I was thinking that might be a good thing for next year sometime. I most certainly would sign up!

  3. Oh I think that is a great guild idea also. Linda is the planner for 2011-12. I will go to flickr and check out your pictures in a bit. I love the owl one, so far my favorite.

  4. These are wonderful creations, Jewels...I love the use of fabric, too! I just saw your last post about Survivor~ it WAS a great premiere, and lots of intrigue already...the federal agent guy was a real piece of work!