Thursday, May 9, 2013

Calendar Collage May

Still trying to keep this going. I have been "recording" entries in a notebook for the month but I still needed to do the art work!
I had a picture in mind to use for May involving a young man named Ian.
I actually think Ian's Mum would say he is quite the cheeky  little you know what LOL. But she still loves him just the same (hope he gives her a lovely Mother's Day present this weekend)
I went for some wild colours that turned out okay (I guess) - a reflection of Ian's personality? Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I love this jewels and think it is perfect for May! I admire your commitment. It must be a fun way to try out different techniques or ideas... ; )

  2. Hi Jewels THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY BOOK!!! I was like a little kid doin the happy dance for my book!! LOL Thanks for being a true friend and blessing my day!!! XOXO Love Fran.

  3. I love it! It's so colorful and happy. I received my CUTE little froggie I just had to share it on my blog. Thank you so much Jewels!

    XO Danielle

  4. LOVE your May pages, so totally different to anything else I've seen on the Calendar challenge (and that's a good thing!). Great colours, superb image of 'Ian'. I suspect he's dashing off to the village green to pick some daffodils to give to his mother for Mothers Day, naughty boy!


  5. Wonderful pages Jewels...loving your bright and fun colour combo.. I agree... go so well with that cute image!!

  6. glad you commented over at mine....because now I have found you and your lovely blog.....Ian is very Handsome....and up to no good I am sure....
    Bestest to you and yours
    Daisy x