Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mail Art: Collage Challenge

My most recent Mail Art exchange with Beth and Leslie involved using a collage sheet provided by L...
The instructions were to use only these elements - we could "resize" but that was about it...
So Beth sent something else (BIG LOL)... she did this just before her big trip to PARIS! Beth has been experimenting with some new techniques and I just love how this turned out. Check out her blog to see what else she has been doing.
Leslie on the other hand did stick with the challenge adding some sewing. Her message was "copied the sheet small a few times, then worked with the prompt "abundance" and used the girl 3 times and went from there..."
I guess I was somewhere in between. I was inspired by an old Bookkeeping text that seemed to suit the young woman.
I also needed to add some colour (that seems to be what I am doing a lot of lately) hence the water colours I added...
Our next theme was prompted by the recent Great Gatsby movie - anything from the 1920s (either directly from the book or from the time period). Looking forward to seeing the results! Enjoy Jewels


  1. Hey Jewels, those are so cool. I love the different interpretations with the same items. Becs

  2. Pretty little ATC's, Julie. Love your work - you are trying so many different techniques and turning out really beautiful pieces! Loved the picture of your garden recently too. There is certainly no need for anyone to water much this spring!!! Stay dry. Carol

  3. Lots of wonderful examples Jewels. I love to see the variety we all come up with under the same themes. The spice of life indeed. Have a great weekend :0) Mo x

  4. Love your piece! Vintage photo, ledger paper, game put together some of my very favorite kinds of elements in a great composition.