Sunday, June 16, 2013


How pretty...
---a pretty vintage apron - love the graphics (it's pretty dirty too and needs a good cleaning LOL)
---a pretty (old) Needlework magazine...
---with some pretty awesome graphics (note the message at the top of the page)
---some very pretty dishes....
---maybe not so pretty but I rarely find Ladybird books - this one has seen better days but has some graphics that will get used...
---and some pretty vintage linen to "re-purpose"...
---a pretty good Thrift don't you think? Enjoy. Jewels


  1. oh yes wonderful finds. Just imagine a slice of cherry pie on those pretty china plates at a luncheon. Love the linens also. Good digging, Julie.

    1. Mmm... cherry pie on a pretty plate. Good idea!

  2. wonderful thrift shop finds, Jewels! I went thrift shopping with my sister who is visiting on Saturday and we found some awesome deals. I'll see if I can share some pics later. A bit more modern trinkets/finds than what you found, but so many useful items for so little money : ) and it was fun!

  3. This is all one thrift run? Excellent finds. Love the blue and orange in the apron - that's a great color combo. Also love the plate. Do you simply collect neat old plates to eat off of, or do you display them? I do both. Also love the linens. The pansies and basket of flowers are especially nice. Good job, Jewels.

    1. Yep Leslie - all one thrift..I like collecting pretty plates to eat off of - unfortunately most you can't put in the microwave so I have to have more "current" plates as well....I like have a mish mash instead of one matching set lol...isnt that old apron something!

  4. Fabulous finds...loving those vintage images :)

  5. Thank you for calling round the other day
    I am rather partial to a nice bit of embroidery myself I must say....oh and an apron or two - lovely photographs
    Best wishes