Saturday, June 29, 2013

Calendar Collage: July

Just in time - here is my spread for July...
If you have been following my Summer of Colour entries you will know I have been doing a "girls of summer" theme using old photos. Well looks like I am doing the same for my calendar collage -  July has some ladies as well LOL.
These girls are getting ready for their annual Strawberry Social. I love fresh LOCAL berries and REAL whipped cream (not Cool Whip) - can't beat the taste don't you agree? I just wish the gals would look a little more friendly!
I got inspired by a piece of plastic table cloth that just happened to be red gingham - how fitting...Kept it simple - just acrylic paints.The picture came from a July 1967 issue of Life. I think this month I will try something different and not have dedicated spots for each day. Going to journal all over the place just to see how it looks. Enjoy! Jewels


  1. Oh, you free spirit, you! Coloring outside the lines and journaling without boxes. What next, Jewels??
    Great spread. They are a grim looking bunch, aren't they?

  2. So cute, Jewels! I love your background!!

  3. Yum , strawberry shortcake. It's making me hungry. Love the idea and agree that these ladies might make good shortcake, but they also might scare the customers away. xoxo

  4. I. LOVE. THIS!!!!

    Love the colours, love the ladies and yes, I LOVE (local) strawberries and (real, of course) cream!