Monday, July 1, 2013

Six Word Story Mail Art

A recent challenge with Jo and Lenna was to come up with a 6 words only "story" and create mail art to go with it. Will show theirs in a later post. 
I knew what my story was but it took me forever to figure out how I would represent it until I found her in one of my old Life magazines...
Instead of the usual 4 x 5 postcard size I decided to do something different - I have a stash of old greeting cards including these two for anniversaries....hmmm
When you open each one up this is what you find! Clever if I do say so myself LOL. Gessoed the surface first then played with different colours to go from bright to dark. The bells are from old wrapping paper. Been trying to get better at my "writing" as well (dang all those online classes should have paid off by now). For those who know me, yes it was therapeutic. Everyone else, enjoy. Jewels


  1. Ha! This is great!! Yeah, I think we *all* thought it would be different LOL. As for lettering, I've been taking the JFFB approach and trying hard to be happy with my own hand. Just jazzing it up a bit like you did here. I think these are wonderful.

  2. You made me laugh. Thanks. I really needed that. Cute Jewels.

    xo Danielle

  3. This is very clever Jewels.....and why shouldn't you say so yourself!? I just commented on flickr how nice your writing is. I'm not happy with mine and use it 'in public' as little as possible. Something else I should practice I guess, lol. Have a great week :0) x

  4. What a really great piece of art! Love all of the fun, clever pieces you are making. And I am sure this one was very satisfying to you! Have a relaxing time at the cottage and enjoy every minute, Julie!! Carol

  5. I loved receiving this card (and the accompanying Mail Art too), and it'll be going on the wall in my new laundry room, LOL!!


  6. so wonderful, jewels . . . i am lucky to be a recipient! Not only was it clever and beautiful, it meant a lot to me. thank you!