Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer of Colour - Candy Apple Red and Yellow

Dorothy thought the annual summer family reunion was going rather well...
...until her cousin Lewis showed up!
Can you see him hiding behind her? How embarrassing - just another in a string of tortures he loved to put her through every family gathering... As you can see Dorothy is "smiling" while in fact she is figuring out what her revenge will be this year (perhaps a faulty potato sack for the race, or maybe a tossed horseshoe that goes slightly awry).
Whatever it is, it will be sweet - and another ::memory:: to share with her grandchildren LOL...
Dorothy and Lewis are actually named on the back of this 1949 photo. She will be added to my Girls of Summer collection. So hard to believe only one week left in our Summer of Colour challenge - but it really has been fun. Enjoy. Jewels (quick - who sang It's A Family Affair???)


  1. I love how you tell the story behind the photo. I have a few "instant relatives" of my own and I like to have a few stories to go with as well. It sure makes it more interesting.

    xo Danielle

  2. This one made me smile - I've enjoyed seeing your photos enhanced by the SOC colors.

  3. Dorothy and Lewis are such fun - I love the sweet back story you've given them!

    You had my head spinning with your song question - so much so I had to Google it; I wouldn't have guessed the answer in a million years!! I won't spill the beans cos I didn't know without looking it up :)


  4. Fun story, Julie!! Cute picture--looks like those two are from my generation. You spin darling little tales to go with your art. As for The Family Affair - I don't think I ever saw that. Is that the one with the Olsen twins? Hannah looked like them when she was little. Stay cool! Carol

  5. Haha - another cracking story to go with your pictures Jewels :D
    I had to Google the song because I couldn't remember the fll name, but I did know there was a tenuous name connection with a famous actor. Enjoyed watching it on YouTube and reliving memories of my own from that time. Thanks :D xx

  6. : ) Sly & the Family Stone!!! no looking up needed and it's been long enough I think to answer, I hope! Now you have me singing it . . . . : ) great series, jewels.