Saturday, July 27, 2013

Phase 1 Done

You may recall I initiated some big projects earlier this year. I have been blessed with a great contractor who really has done an incredible number of things for me when I look at the list...
- Fix ventilation and install insulation in the attic
- Repair damage to external wall upstairs
- Remove last of the ugly popcorn ceilings (2 bedrooms and hallway)
- Paint (ceiling and walls) 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, accent wall in Sunroom and a hallway
- Hang new light fixtures (the chandelier!!!)
- Repair damaged fence
- Take out old garden in back and update patio area
- Power wash siding
- Replace all electrical outlets with new ones (lovely white as opposed to that old ugly beige we grew up with)
- Fix and glue legs on dining room chairs
- Fix window latches on various windows and seal around two windows that had started leaking moisture
- Repair trim around Sun Room door (we think ants got behind it and made a mess)
- Fix ornery sump pump (a story in itself)
- Check and clean out gutters
- Arrange for drain tiles to be cleaned out to fix water in the basement problem
- Create path from garage out to a brand new umbrella laundry dryer

Whew! What a lot! But the real  piece de resistance - the bath room remodel... Which went from this....
To this this! Just lovin it
While there are still things to be done (sadly the Money Jar is low at the moment) I am really pleased. 
I do need to get off of my keister and put things away, hang pictures, place furniture (but the Rose Room is ready if you want to visit :>). I get to spend the rest of the summer planning for Phase 2 - how fun. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. )h my goodness. You have been busy. What a lot of work just making decisions that go with all of that list. Good for you. And the Bath... fabulous, darling! Won't be long before the rose room is finished. It's lovely too. Fill us in on the new list. Can't wait to see what you will do in Phase 2. Hugs. bb

  2. Looks great, Jewels! Must feel great to get all that work done!

  3. Ahh, Jewels, what an achievement. Congratulations! The bathroom is a room for indulgent tranquility & that very beautiful, feminine bedroom just shouts out reading, rest & relaxation, *sigh* Your plan's are becoming reality Jewels :D Enjoy. :0) Mo x

  4. That is a jaw droppingly long list! Your bathroom is looking spa-like, although I can't imagine why you wanted to change it from the oh-so fashionable retro one ;) I would LOVE to come and stay in your Rose Room, it looks delightful :) One day, maybe....................


  5. you have accomplished sooooooooooooooo much with help and everything you shared looks fabulous! Love it, what a lift, eh?? xoxxo

  6. Ah, 1970s harvest gold, how I loathe thee. Bet you were glad to get rid of that, huh? It all looks wonderful and if I ever get enough vaca time, I'm going to plant myself in the rose room for a long weekend. Marvelous job.