Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good Grooming

If your a certain type of dog good grooming is essential - that means you Mr. Darcy...
Many "oohs and ahhs" as he met the grooming staff at PetSmart - such a love bug. One hour later, voila - a very handsome dude (though we think their selection of Tie clashes a bit with his leash).  But of course...
... there is nothing like an immediate lovely roll in the dirt after many dollars have been spent to make him smell nice (sigh)...
Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Mr D is a very handsome fella! Even if he does smell of mud 'n stuff, lol!


  2. Jewels, Somehow I missed your first post about Mr. Darcy so I went back to read it. He is so adorable and so is Colin Firth. I watched the clip you linked to and got completely sucked in and then it ended and I was heart broken. Oh, right, this is about the dog. He is so cute in his tie and I hope you two will have so much fun together!

  3. My Weim Pan loves to roll in 'doggie perfume'.
    Love your bathroom remodel below. Looks like you had the 70's look and gutted it all out for a more upto date bath. Nice!

  4. such a sweetie, I am so glad you adopted him!! xo

  5. I am in love with Mr. Darcy!! What a darling, well behaved, loving little fellow he is. He can come to visit me any time!!! And you, too, Julie! Carol

  6. How cute and dashing is he!!!! I hope you two are enjoying each other.

  7. I think there needs to be some maple leafs on that tie! He is part Canadian Citizen after all! He is so cute, hopefully Tim and I can come visit in August.