Friday, July 19, 2013

Gatsby Mail Art and Good Thrift

Two things to share...first was another Mail Art Swap - this one with Beth and Leslie. I went with a Gatsby theme.  
Found this great pic from the 1920's on the Internet - I coloured the young lady in the middle ... notice the looks some of the ladies are giving each other, especially to the left LOL.
I played with pastel colours for the background and stencils
The quote is from The Great Gatsby - isn't it true!
My thrift is something I have always wanted that I found while on vacation...
...not sure what these are called - some kind of "panoramic" picture? Length is 3'! The frame is some kind of plaster and has seen better days but I like it just as is. Not sure where its permanent spot will be. I know, others might not think of it the same as me - but I don't care LOL...Enjoy. Jewels


  1. The card looks great in person! Love the pansy picture. I've never seen one before but it's very cool. Above a door maybe?

  2. Great Great Gatsby card! Super image and fab quote. The background is gorgeous!

    The 3' long picture is a super find, I love it - bashed plaster frame 'n all!


  3. I loved the postcard and the quote. And, pansies in ornate Victorian frames are my favorites. Maybe it could be the focal point with other small flower pictures with ornate frames or maybe a collection of ornate frames. At any rate, keep that Mail art coming. Don't you just adore thrifting? Hugs.

  4. I love your Great Gatsby card Jewels, it has such 'Style' : ) The vintage panoramic pansy picture is really unusual and very fitting for you with your love of flowers, great find!