Thursday, July 4, 2013

takin a break::::::::::::

Hello everyone I am off to my cottage (where these lovely orchids grow) in Canada tomorrow. An eight hour drive from Maple Hill which is why I go for big chunks of time to really enjoy it. I'll pop into the village library to take a peek at how you are all doing but not much chance of me posting here (though I may be able to get on to Facebook) . Which means I will get a little behind on some projects - but maybe catch up on others! Yippee...
Oh...and when I come back I have some BIG news - but you will have to wait. Sorry.... Talk to you all soon. Jewels


  1. Safe journey, you big tease you!!!


  2. Oh lucky you, have a great time at the cottage, yippee!!!!! Will be waiting, :)Francine.

  3. have a lovely, relaxing, beautiful time jewels . . . (smile)